Honda Sales - Fired by half my junior

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I sold Honda for years, with thousands of satisfied customers.Many years in a row of Honda Silver Certified status.

Although, after I relocated my family, an arrogant, manageritis manager saw differently in me. This young man has been doing this half as long as me, and doesn't have the kuth to go talk to your customer, and trusts you in that moment, yet doesnt trust you the next moment. By far the worst manager I've ever seen in a high volume dealership put in that position. Makes sense, now that I've checked around town, and found out he could not sell anything to start with.

You are a joke buddy, and a disgrace. A liability? I would think that somebody that spent all this money to relocate his family, and still sold 20 cars a month, and loved, would be well more respected. But, you are garbage, and only one week removed, I have dozens of PISSED OFF CUSTOMERS calling my cell wondering what's going on.

Keep going with yourself.

You obviously couldn't *** it in sales for a reason.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Review about: Dealership.



What in heck does the word "kuth" mean?I can't find it in my dictionary.

There also isn't a word "couth" if that is what you were trying to spell.That being said, there is more to this story than you are telling, you are only telling the side that makes you look good, now let's hear the rest of the story.

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Nice that you told all of us, but did you tell this to the person you are complaining about? Never speak ill of another person unless you are willing to say it to their face.

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